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  • Cultural Autobiography

    I’m an African-American woman from Chicago’s Southside. I am the only biological child of four siblings, and I am also the youngest girl. My father has children from a prior relationship. My mother, who was not married when she had me, had a youngster before meeting my dad. Although I felt unique knowing this information … Read more

  • Autobiography Examples For Students

    Autobiographies are a great way for students to share their lives with others. They provide insight into what the student has experienced and how they have grown as a result. Autobiographies can be used in a number of different ways, such as; to inspire other students, to help teachers understand their students better, or simply … Read more

  • Autobiography Essay Examples

    An autobiography is a book written by or about a person’s life, beginning at their birth and ending just before they die. Although an autobiography must eventually come to an end with death, particularly if the individual is still living, it may continue on indefinitely. To remember the lives and accomplishments of major people who … Read more