Tag: Customer service

  • Audience Analysis Example Paper

    In a meeting, for example, I would need to analyze my audience in order to properly begin my approach for a successful and informative presentation. Using audience analysis, I’d have to figure out who my audience is, how I’ll communicate with them, what factors should I consider given the diversity of the crowd, and how […]

  • Nike CRM

    Nike’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed to help the company keep track of its relationships with customers and prospects. Nike’s CRM system includes a customer service component that allows Nike representatives to quickly resolve customer issues. The system also has a sales force automation component that helps Nike salespeople manage their accounts and […]

  • Cohesion Case Broadway Cafe Answers

    The Broadway Café is a business that was started in 2014. The business started as a coffee shop, but has since expanded to include a full menu of food and drink items. The business currently employs 15 people, and is open seven days a week. The Broadway Café has always been committed to providing excellent […]