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  • Calgary Family Assessment Model Paper

    This paper attempts to bridge the gap between Rolland’s Chronic Health Challenge Framework and the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) by including one family’s experience of living with several chronic illnesses into it. Dr. Lorraine M. Wright, a professor Emeritus of nursing and Dr. Maureen Leahey, a manager of a mental health outpatient program with […]

  • Heritage Assessment Tool Spector 2009

    “Heritage Assessment” by Spector is a key resource for understanding the impact of Medicine on society. It provides valuable insights into the economic and social dimensions of Medicine, and how it affects different sectors of society. The book also offers a comprehensive overview of the health care system in the United States, and how Medicine […]

  • How Do Veterinarians Contribute To Society

    As society has progressed, the role of veterinarians has changed and expanded. No longer are they simply the people who care for our pets; they are now an essential part of public health and food safety. They work to prevent and treat disease in both animals and humans, and play a vital role in keeping […]