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  • The Landlady Poem Analysis

    The Landlady is a poem by Margaret Atwood. The poem is about a woman who is trying to find a place to live, and she ends up at a house that is owned by a woman who seems to be very nice. The woman tells the landlady that she is looking for a place to […]

  • The Century Quilt

    The Century Quilt is a poem by Marilyn Nelson Waniek. The poem is about a quilt that was made by a group of women, each of whom contributed a square to the quilt. The quilt is a symbol of the women’s lives and their relationships with one another. The poem describes the process of making […]

  • Thou Blind Man’s Mark Analysis

    Thou Blinds Man Mark is a poem written by Sir Philip Sidney. The poem is about a man who is blind and cannot see the beauty in life. The man is also unable to see the love that others have for him. Thou Blinds Man Mark is a beautiful poem that speaks to the heart […]

  • Crossing The Swamp Analysis

    Crossing the Swamp by Mary Oliver is a poem that speaks to the difficulties and obstacles we face in life, and how we must overcome them. The poem begins with the speaker describing how they are “stuck” in a swamp, and how they cannot seem to get out. They then go on to describe how […]