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  • Ah Are You Digging On My Grave Analysis

    Ah, Are You Digging My Grave? is a poem by Thomas Hardy. It was first published in Poems of the Past and the Present in 1901. The poem reflects on the speaker’s impending death, and their thoughts on what will happen to their body after they die. The speaker asks the grave-digger if he is … Read more

  • Runagate Runagate Summary

    Robert Hayden’s “Runagate Runagate” is a poem about the plight of runaway slaves. The title comes from the word “runagate”, which was used to describe runaway slaves in the South. Hayden paints a picture of the harsh reality that many slaves faced, detailing their struggles to escape and the dangers they faced while on the … Read more

  • Is Rap Poetry

    Rap and poetry are two art forms that have a lot in common. Both Rap and Poetry are forms of expression that use words to create a certain effect or feeling. Rap is often seen as being aggressive or angry, while poetry is often seen as being more mellow or introspective. However, both genres can … Read more

  • The Chambered Nautilus Summary

    The Chambered Nautilus is a poem by Oliver Wendell that explores the meaning of life. The poem compares the life of a nautilus to the journey of a human being. The nautilus starts out in a small chamber and slowly grows larger as it ages. As it gets older, it moves into larger and larger … Read more

  • My Mother Pieced Quilts

    Teresa Palomo Acosta’s poem “My Mother Pieced Quilts” is about the speaker’s mother, who was a quilter. The speaker reflects on her mother’s life and how she pieced together quilts from scraps of fabric. The poem is a tribute to the speaker’s mother and to all mothers who have the talent and patience to piece … Read more

  • If You Forget Me Pablo Neruda Meaning

    Pablo Neruda was a Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet. If You Forget Me is one of his most famous poems. The poem is about loss and love. Pablo Neruda uses beautiful imagery to describe the speaker’s pain at being forgotten by the person they love. Even though the speaker is hinting at the possibility that they … Read more

  • America By Claude Mckay Analysis

    Claude Mckay was a Jamaican-American author and poet. He wrote America, a sonnet about his disillusionment with the United States, in 1919. America is a sonnet that reflects on McKay’s experience as a black person in America. The poem highlights the tension between the American dream and the reality of racism and discrimination that black … Read more

  • Irony In Ozymandias

    Ozymandias is a poem by Percy Shelley, first published in 1818. Ozymandias is widely considered one of the greatest examples of irony in poetry. The title character Ozymandias is a tyrant who ruled over an empire that has long since crumbled into dust. Ozymandias represents the inevitable fall of all rulers and empires, no matter … Read more

  • One Art Elizabeth Bishop Analysis Essay

    “One Art” is a poem by Elizabeth Bishop that reflects on the nature of art and life. The speaker in the poem contemplates the losses she has experienced throughout her life, and how each one has taught her something about the meaning of life. Although the speaker mourns her losses, she also recognizes that they … Read more