Tag: Rhetoric

  • Discourse Community Essay Examples

    To join a discussion community, one must learn typical methods of communication and debate used by individuals who participate in that community. I will show that I became part of the soccer team’s discourse community by gaining expertise, establishing my authority, and learning the game I love in this paper. When I first joined the … Read more

  • The Indispensable Opposition Rhetorical Analysis

    In his essay “The Indispensable Opposition”, Walter Lippmann argues that the role of the opposition is essential to the functioning of democracy. He begins by stating that the opposition is not simply an obstructionist force, but rather serves an important purpose in democracy by voicing dissent and criticism. Without the opposition, Lippmann argues, democracy would … Read more

  • Peer Evaluation Sample

    Sample Peer Evaluation of a Speech I’m going to analyze Jane Doe’s speech on the benefits of music for individuals and the positive impact it has. Jane got everyone’s attention by beginning with a personal story about how music influenced her life. Music has always been Jane’s passion and it was inspiring to see her … Read more

  • Self Reflection Speech Example

    What is public speaking, and how should one go about practicing it? Public speaking is a term for formal speeches given in front of an audience. I used to consider public speaking to be a simple, informal chat with my audiences. After completing Comm 20, though, I realized that I was incorrect. nThrough the use … Read more

  • Unspeakable Conversations Summary

    People with disabilities have always been considered as less than human. This is evident in the way that they have been treated throughout history. They have been hidden away, locked up, and even killed. The rhetoric surrounding people with disabilities has always been one of pity and charity. “Oh, poor thing, they can’t help it.” … Read more

  • Unspeakable Conversations Summary

    When we think about disability, we often think about it in terms of what we can’t do. We think about all the things that we can’t do because we’re in a wheelchair, or because we have a certain condition. But what if we thought about disability in terms of what we can do? Rhetoric is … Read more