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  • Technology Making Us Lazy Article

    Humans have evolved to a higher level. We live in an age when technology is a tool for almost everything we do. Technology is the application of knowledge of tools, machines, methods, crafts, systems, and organizational techniques in order to solve problems, improve pre-existing solutions to problems, achieve goals, manage applied inputs/output relations or perform … Read more

  • Sample Speech To Introduce A Person

    On November 8th, Caroline Dagenais was a guest speaker at the hospital to talk about the significance of information technology in her line of work. She discussed various themes from how technology has enabled the healthcare facility to function more like a business company to her own professional career path. Ms. Caroline Dagenais is currently … Read more

  • Does Technology Make Us More Alone Essay

    Mobile phone and internet technology has made it easier for us to connect with each other. On the one hand, this is a good thing because we can stay in touch with friends and family who live far away. We can also meet new people and make new friends online. On the other hand, some … Read more