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  • John Proctor Character Analysis Essay

    John Proctor is one of the main characters in The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller. He is a farmer in Salem, Massachusetts during the time of the Salem witch trials. Proctor is a strong and principled man who stands up for what he believes in, even if it means going against the majority. When … Read more

  • A Man Will Not Cast Away His Good Name

    A man will not cast away his good name. This is a line from The Crucible, spoken by Elizabeth Proctor. In the play, the characters are faced with a difficult choice: to tell the truth and risk everything, or to lie and keep their lives. Elizabeth Proctor knows that her husband, John, has committed adultery. … Read more

  • Abigail and John Proctor Relationship

    The Crucible is a play about the Salem witch trials written by Arthur Miller. The relationship between Abigail and Proctor is an important part of the play. Miller presents the relationship between Abigail and Proctor in a number of ways. Abigail is presented as being very interested in John Proctor. She flirts with him and … Read more